Our Business is Purifying Water Since 1999

A Global Solution for PURE Water

AquaSmarter Global distributes AquaSmarter products worldwide. Building on a history of success of cleaning the world’s water, the company employs people throughout the world to sell and promote the advantages of the AquaSmarter Products. Thousands of consumers drink water purified by AquaSmarter every day. over 37-Countries enjoy the benefits of using AquaSmarter while millions appreciate the added benefit of being completely‘chlorine-free’.

All products are manufactured using materials obtained in the United States. The company maintains a fully-stocked warehouse in order to meet the demands of its customers within days of the placement of an order.

Ionized Water Benefits

Everyone knows how chlorinated water tastes and smells---and how it ruins clothes and stings the eyes. The United States Environmental Protection Agency classifies chlorine as a 'pesticide'. The exposure to chlorine has been linked to asthma, lung damage, allergies, and even stomach cancer. Many Countries throughout Europe has since banned its use in Drinking Water and Swimming Pools.

It has been known for centuries that silver destroys bacteria and viruses, even those which are resistant to chlorine. Silver sulphate is frequently used in the antibacterial treatment of burns and open wounds and is even used to protect newborns. As is known by a variety of publications, silver ions sustainability strengthen the immune system of the human organism.

The AquaSmarter™ 'Submersible Ionization Technology' is based on the use of 4-essential minerals: Silver, Copper, Zinc and Carbon. The AquaSmarter Ionizing Capsule lasts for 12 full months and does not require electricity, constant maintenance or special plumbing.